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Electronica 2016 enormous was great, let's look at 2018!

The winners of the Fast Forward Awards were announced on electronica 2016 on Friday November 11 around noon, and one lucky electronic start up entrepeneur went home with a PR- and marketing-budget at the value of 75,000 euros (and the Award itself of course...). Want to know more about the maiden edition of the e_ffwd awards? Please visit our Select Page!

In the meantime we are preparing for the 2018 edition and it is going to be even more spectacular. As Jury Manager Clemens Valens put it: “I think the quality will be even more impressive. Not only did I see great engineering, the entries also display an amazing diversity.”

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You can also see videos taken by our staff at our various exhibitions containing interviews with a variety of industry giants, such as leading manufacturers giving us the inside details on their new products. Finally, we also from time to time upload webinars by our very own engineers, giving you a detailed journey into one area of their expertise!

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The concept is as simple as it is beautiful. We look for the very best deals for the customers of our webstore and we activate these deals with a massive marketing campaign so that all our audience (and beyond) knows about the great deals we got them. For 12 weeks we have a daily deal every day and once a week we have a big week-deal. 5 promotions in total that all last a week. Read more!