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Brand & community network Elektor

For more than 60 years, Elektor is inspiring home-labs, electronic engineers, teachers and students from all over the world with new designs and projects. With our team of developers in The Netherlands, Germany, and India we are able to prototype all the designs before they have been published in the magazines and books. The Elektor Labs website provides a new way of sharing and interacting with new designs - it is like a kitchen where people can get their hands dirty on new ideas and projects.

Elektor's unique combination of prototyping and publishing provides interesting opportunities for both members and clients to stay connected with the new trends and technologies in electronic engineering.

Elektor.Magazine is published in print in German, Dutch, English, French, and from mid 2016 also in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. More than 200.000 members in 183 countries receive the digital Elektor e-zine weekly in their preferred language.